Devastating Planetary Shift

by Twin Lords

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Stéphane Gallay Un métal progressif ultra-technique, ultra-agressif et surtout dominé par des parties vocales que je trouve à la limite du supportable. Ça reste très intéressant, mais trop loin de ma zone de confort.
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“Life’s nothing like the way I knew it…Mid-life feels more like being half dead.”

So howls to the sky Dan Alex Riviera on Twin Lords' debut album, "Devastating Planetary Shift," and I think it's safe to say he speaks for all of us. An unnamed character's lament. He is Jung’s Modern Man in Search of a Soul, he is the shaved-ape, cursed with consciousness; the secret, kind soul, shat upon since birth; the passenger, traversing dusty and dirty alleyways, pocket-knife at the ready - to defend and to kill those who wish to trample on him, and take what is his, and laugh at his misfortune and ignore his beautiful and curious nature. He is me and you and we have had enough.

Such is the lyrical and spiritual content of New York’s Twin Lords debut album “Devastating Planetary Shift.” A forty-minute odyssey of gonzo, insatiable riffs, thunderous, progressive melodies and blast-beaten, janked-out anthems that ache to be cranked up as loud as your face-piece can handle. Urgent, and furious. To the death.

One part Lightening Bolt, one part Nomeansno, and one part Bastard Noise, Twin Lords play a punishing mix of swirling, melodic, progressive, heavy-as-hell metal rooted in insane bass riffs and blast-off drumming. The music is beautifully weird, wonderful, infectious and totally fresh – a welcome sonic salve for fans of original, extreme music that speaks to the human condition.

-David Hall


released September 18, 2015



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Twin Lords New York, New York

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Track Name: Rise
Be what you want you to be
They’ll crush your dreams and dignity
You starve
While they stuff their faces in
Track Name: The Guilt of One Man
You left alone
Went miles away
Left her alone
Now who’s the one betrayed

She locked herself away behind a wall
He tried so hard to reach the other side

The Guilt of one man

I see her
In the corner
Of my eye
But when I look
And turn my head
She’s not there
Track Name: Till Time's End
You keep me willing
With those
Taking and giving
with those

Blind is our future
We are lost
Oft we share our gifts
Love and Lust

Don’t know what life will choose
So what will be will be

We wake with the sun
Youthful time is gone
Victims of our past
Our world’s against us
Track Name: Stoned Cutter
She lifts the skirt past her knee
Takes out a brand new blade
Weed before reprieve
The power
The Glory
In all of it’s ecstasy

Stoned Cutter

The first cut help’s numb the brain
Second the rush follows
Thirdly she resorbs
The horror
The pain
An empty shells’ left of her

Stoned Cutter
Track Name: The Fear
Death’s emptiness is a horror
That some day I’ll find for myself
The empty pool and the vastness of space
Some day I’ll find for myself

After night
I’m reminded of dying again and again
Every night
After Night
I’m reminded again
And can’t even escape in the day

Death’s emptiness is a horror
That some day I’ll find for myself
To be reincarnated or cast into darkness
Some day I’ll find for myself

You can’t control how I breathe
You can’t control how I live

An eye
For an eye
For an eye

I’ll die
How I die
When I die
Track Name: Why Am I
Devastating planetary shift
Life’s nothing like the way I knew it
Mid-life feels more like being half dead
Contemplating more pleasure or procreation

Tell me what to do
I can’t think any longer
Lost inside
Tell me what to do
I can’t see any Longer
Lost insight

Fending off a tortured past
Cause I see no future
Hopelessness and frustration in prayer
As I wait for nothing to arrive

Tell me what to do
I’m not me any longer
Dead inside

Why am I
Born to be
Lost this way